Loyalty, Rewards and Waaaay More!


Building Strong & Effective Relationships Between Brands & Consumers

The Xamble Social Wallet is a Web3 membership platform that enables brands and influencers to reward and engage their valued consumers or followers. This innovative platform offers a digital wallet solution for managing multiple digital memberships effectively.


Build personal experiences between brand and users.

Earn, track, redeem rewards. Obtain personalized, tiered benefits. Claim limited-access vouchers from your favorite brands.


Engage users with exciting challenges through interactive tasks.

Complete missions by brands in order to obtain rewards.


Share experiences with your friends.

Reward yourself and your friend by inviting them to join the community.
Elite rewards, members-only offers, and personalized experiences for valued customers.

Let’s Make Some Magic Together!

Join us in the pursuit of world domination….err, we mean making work fun again!

Why Membership Programs Matter?

  • 15-25% increase in revenue annually by top performing brands.
  • 84% customers likely to stick to brands with loyalty program.
  • 50%+ of most loyalty brands actively recommend to others.